Your period can help with that.

Take our quiz to find out how and receive personalised, timed advice that aligns with the phase of your cycle you’re in right now.

The Science of Happier Cycles 

A happier period starts with a happier menstrual cycle and at Myoovi we believe in a holistic approach to menstrual healthcare. We want to show you how to balance your hormones, improve your health and feel happier - simply by living cyclically. 

Now, there are hundreds of books and blogs on the topic of optimising your cycle, but what if you could get advice on each phase, exactly when you need it?

Take this quiz and you’ll receive expert advice on each phase, as you’re in it.

You’ll learn about:

  • The hormonal changes that are happening in your body right now 
  • Why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling - from horny to hangry - (and why it’s ok)
  • Supporting yourself physically and mentally through food, movement and self-care
  • Improving period and PMS symptoms -wherever you’re at in your cycle 

And receive actionable cycle tips that you can implement right away. 

There’s no such thing as TMI

Things get a bit period personal in this quiz, but that’s only because the better we know your flow, the better we can help you optimise your cycle and manage your symptoms.

Education, not procreation

This quiz aims to give you tailored, helpful advice that should hopefully align with your personal cycle phase - but we are not here to predict your period or tell you you’re in your fertile window! 

Everyone’s body and cycle are unique - and ever-changing. No algorithm should tell you it can predict exactly what’s going down in your uterus - and we certainly won’t be.


But, what this quiz can tell you is…

  • The vitamins that can help to reduce period pain 
  • How to keep your hormonal changes smooth and reduce mood swings  
  • How to build an exercise routine that works with your cycle  
  • When you to rest and when to take risks