80,000+ Happy Customers

Period cramps are cancelled, forever.

Founded by UK doctors, Myoovi stops your period cramps in one click.

80,000+ Happy Customers

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More Than Just Menstrual Health 

Did you know your overall health is totally linked to your menstrual cycle? 

I’m struggling with my Pain 

Period pain has long been normalised, but the truth is that if you’re having really painful periods, it’s probably a sign that something isn’t right with your health. 

It could be a symptom of endometriosis or adenomyosis, but it might also indicate that you’re stressed or run down.

I’m struggling with my Mood.

Our mental health and menstrual health are kind of inseparable.  

At certain points in our cycle, we might feel more sensitive and less resilient, but serious monthly mood swings could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance - or that cortisol is calling the shots!  

I’m struggling with my Skin 

For some of us, acne isn’t something we can leave in our teenage era.

Some people experience a breakout around ovulation, for others it’s a symptom of PMS - but either way, it’s a sign your hormones aren’t happy.

I’m struggling with Bloating

It’s not unusual to experience bloating or a change in your toilet habits around the time of your period - but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should put up with. 

Our gut health can also be impacted by menstrual health conditions including endometriosis. 

Backed by science, loved by you…

Best investment

This is the best product i have ever bought. At first i was sceptical But it actually works even with the most terrible of pains.


As an Endo Warrior

I suffer with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, IBS and chronic pain. This little gem was bought on a 3am pain induced state and I’m so glad I did.

Hannah B.

A Life changer!

An absolutely incredible device and the best customer service I have ever experienced with an online order

Samantha S.

It really works!

Let me tell you, Oovi is not a let down. I used this for the first time yesterday and after 20 minutes, the pain went away. It just...went away.

Jenna A.

Effective product

Got this for my daughter who has had PCOS pains for over a year. This has helped her a lot as it is very effective and gives quick pain relief.

M Macleod

Well worth the investment

This product is well worth the investment! This actually works so well, no more painkillers or hot water bottles - yayyyy!

Melissa M.

The Myoovi Mission

Myoovi delivers natural period pain relief… fast!

Founded by UK doctors who know their progesterone from their pain transmitters, every product in the Myoovi range is grounded in the science of happier cycles and inspired by the needs of our community.

We’re on a mission to change the way we think about - and manage - our menstrual health. Going beyond the bleed and creating products that help you feel happier and healthier - every day of the month. 


“You're So Hormonal!”

We know that a better period starts with a better understanding of our hormonal health - but that's only the start of it.

Every area of our lives is impacted by our hormones. From our sleep pattern to our sex life, our happiness to our gut health.

So yeah, we are “so hormonal”. And that’s pretty cool. But that’s why it’s so important to support our health with products that get it.